DOC Food+Wine Restaurant – 2021

We were approached by Dayna McErlean, owner of DOC restaurant in North Portland to refresh this popular Italian-inspired eatery. The restaurant has an unusual entrance that allows patrons to pass through the kitchen before they are seated in the dining area. This provided may challenges but is also part of the lovely character of the place. An intimate concept was chosen that included rich dark tones of forest green, a full ebony-stained oak custom wine storage system, adaptable bench seating with custom forest-green velvet cushion and table tops. The wine wall emphasizing the restaurant’s new focus on wine pairing stores a good amount of wine while acting as a divider screen from the till station. The floors were stripped of their old carpet, and the concrete was stained and polished. The entrance received updated window shelving and new paint to suit the overall design concept. New graphics and swing signs provided the update externally. In all, we are thrilled as are the clients with this transformation.


DOC Restaurant


Portland, Oregon




Stewart Horner


Jane Doe


Screw Driver

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